PCB Services

PCB Services, PCB Assembly, PCB Prototyping, PCB Manufacturer

Ailein.cc provides PCB(printed circiut board) related services for woldwid company and personal with high quality and best services. Include such services:
1. PCB prototype, PCB prototyping (PCB 5, 10, 20 pcs)
2. PCB small batch prototyping (PCB 50-1000 pcs)
3. PCB assembly (some components free)
4. Premium PCB (industrial pcb, multilayer pcb, special pcb)
5. Laser cutting services (Acrylic)

About PCB quality: before shipping, we will test pcb quality, if customer find pcb has any problem in quantity or quality, we will ship it again or refund part fees about those pcb. Any question please contact ue via qc@ailein.cc.

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